If You’re Not Doing This When Shopping Online, You’re Paying Too Much

Are you paying too much for your Internet purchases? If you’re not using the following tips, the answer is a likely yes.

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Many people seem to think that just because they buy something online, that they must be getting the best deal. Is it true that online shopping can be more friendly to your bank account than brick and mortar stores? Yes, but that doesn’t mean automatic savings, as you still need to shop around and do other things to ensure you get the best price.

What might you be missing out on that could lead to extra savings down the line? These easy-to-follow practices that’ll keep more cash in your pocket:

everaging the Power of Money-Saving Apps

What’s the “old fashioned” way of finding deals? Clipping coupons out of a newspaper or going to stores when they have sales. What’s a better way to get deals, especially when doing it online? Using apps, websites, and browser extensions that can help you save in more ways than one.

Let’s say you want to comparison shop, for example, so you can see which retailer has the best online price. You could do that via a search, or you could use an app like Capital One Shopping to do all of the dirty work for you.

What about coupon codes? If you aren’t searching for them, you’re leaving money on the table, as most retailers have such promos to entice sales. You could use a site like CouponFollow to search for coupon codes with ease, or you could use the Honey app to automatically search for and apply the codes for you at checkout.

These are just a few examples of apps that do everything they can to help you save, so don’t forget to use them to your advantage.

Avoiding Shipping Costs

Are you always paying around $10 or more to have items shipped to you? There’s no need to, as many sites offer free shipping if you:

  • Have their credit card.
  • Are a member of their text or email list.
  • Buy a certain amount of products.
  • Find free shipping promo codes.

Start cutting your online shipping costs now, and the savings will add up over time.

Getting the Inside Scoop on Deals

Have you ever wondered why someone would want texts or emails from an online retailer? It’s not because they like to be annoyed. Instead, signing up for such notifications often leads to inside discounts that many people don’t know exist.

Using Social Media

You may use social media to stay in touch with friends and family or for entertainment. However, if you haven’t used it to search for online savings, you could be missing out.

Start following your favorite brands on social media, and throw in some influencers that may like the same things you do. They’ll release promo codes that you can use to score some easy online savings from time to time.

If you don’t like the idea of following brands or influencers, you may not even have to. A quick visit to their profiles can yield some coupon codes you can use without the need for a follow, provided they aren’t set to private.

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